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One Health Pet Awards Categories

The One Health Pet Awards will recognise and reward transformative projects in pet health and the One Health concept.

Not sure if your project, initiative, or brand can apply for the One Health Pet Awards?

Here are some examples:

Products & Services

Accommodation services ensuring comfort and safety, sustainable food products, and retail brands innovating in animal health.

Health & Well-Being

Sustainable clinical environments with species-specific spaces and effective communication practices to keep pet owners well-informed.

Protection & Insurance

Insurance with innovative coverage, such as behavioral appointments and/or mental support, municipal animal welfare projects or adoption/rescue campaigns.

Innovation & Knowledge

One Health projects integrating animal and human health, innovative articles, veterinary products/medications benefiting both animals and their owners.

Marketing & Communication

Campaigns, news, or reports focused on the importance and impact of the One Health concept on society.

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Rating Criteria

These initiatives will be evaluated based on criteria such as impact on the three pillars of the “One Health” concept (human health, animal health, and environmental health), societal impact, application of innovative and sustainable practices, cost-benefit ratio, and replicability.

Recognition and More

More than just an event, this platform promotes innovation, collaboration, and continuous education. By participating, you are contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

An event to last over time

With a commitment to continuity, various future initiatives related to One Health will be conducted in collaboration with other entities.

These initiatives will include:

Lectures and Workshops

Educational events to share knowledge and best practices in public and animal health.

Community Projects

Initiatives involving the local community in promoting animal and environmental health.

Discussion Panels

Forums for debating and exchanging ideas on the challenges and opportunities within the One Health framework.

Training Programs

Specialised training to equip professionals and students in areas related to One Health.

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